Monday, May 16, 2011


Clearing stocks

$5 each

Interested, pls sms to 97559711 for further enquiry.

Meet up available at hougang mrt station.

Rila - 3G iphone casing - SOLD

Melody - 4G iphone casing - Reserved

Hello Kitty earpiece

2 Black

1 Red


Approx 16cm in height

Rila & kori
Approx 16cm in height

chipmunk casing - Reserved



Approx 17cm x 17cm

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jackpot Slip is now open for SALE

  • Tired of spending so much money and yet not even a jackpot is being hit? (Sweet Land Machine)

  • Urgently sourcing for jackpot slips to accumulate to your current slips total? (e.g. no matter what, you just want the doraemon mahjong set & it costs you 8 jackpots, still long way to go?)

  • Shops are selling at fixed price & you find it a little expensive...

uhh... so here you are... the place where you're able to purchase jackpot slips..!
More jackpot slips bought entitled you to have more discount..!

Jackpot Slips for sale

1 for $50

2 for $90

3 for $130

More than 3: SMS me... (97559711)

Points to note / Steps to be taken (Since its just a piece of paper slip):

To prevent you from being scam as well as preventing us from being labelled as cons...

1) Before purchasing, make a trip down to PS prize stage (lvl 6 corner, beside carpark opposite kopitiam) to check on the plush that you're interested to get. (Take note of the no. of Jackpots required)

2) If interested, kindly inform me & arrange for a meetup at PS.

3) Upon reaching PS, I'll redeem the plush on your behalf before making payment.

4) Transaction Deal! (:

5) Or inform me if you just want to add on to your current no. of slips (e.g. you need 5 but only have 2 on hand)


Friday, February 11, 2011

L.O.V.E Saga Seeds Collection...

Guitar-Shaped - $10

Heart-Shaped - $10

Green-Cap Bottle of L.O.V.E Saga seeds - Reserved


Brown-Cap Bottle of L.O.V.E saga seeds


Orange-Cap Bottle of L.O.V.E saga seeds - Reserved


Kitty-Cap Bottle of L.O.V.E saga seeds


Snoopy-Cap Bottle of L.O.V.E saga seeds


Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine's Gifts (Interested Parties, SMS to 97559711 to confirm on FINAL price)

Hello Kitty Calculator (Limited Collection) 1 SOLD

~With shiny blinky rhinestone

~Solar & Battery Operated

2 pc ONLY


L.O.V.E saga seeds collection

Guitar-Shaped Bottle
~Filled with L.O.V.E saga seeds & L.O.V.E messages


Miniature Heart-Shaped Container
~Filled with small little saga seeds
$2 (SOLD)

Small Heart-Shaped Bottle
~Filled with L.O.V.E sage seeds & flowers

Miniature Round-Shaped Bottle
~Filled with L.O.V.E saga seeds & L.O.V.E messages
$2 each


Musical Swan
Glittered Musical Swan with movable inner part when music is being played

Friendship Bear Mugs (A Pair)
Brand New

Friendship Bear L.O.V.E Mug
Brand New

Bear with Cap - 1 SOLD
Smart-Dressed Bear
Qty: 2

$6 each

White Necklace Bear
With small lovely card provided...

Ribboned Bear

Ribboned bear holding a stalk of rose seated in a basket with small lovely card provided... (excluding chocolates & saga seeds)

Me.To.You (3) SOLD!
~Tatty Bear with key-lock necklace seated in a bottle, showered with L.O.V.E saga seeds... (excluding the rose)

Me.To.You (2)

~Tatty Bear holding a rose pen, seated on a bottle of pinky stars...

Me.To.You (1)
~Tatty Bear with rose, seated on a bottle of L.O.V.E saga seeds...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Belle's Plush

*Hello Kitty*

Hello Kitty Long Cushion

Size: Length 90 CM

Available Pcs: 1 (As Circled)


Hello Kitty Head Cushion

Size: 50 x 45 CM

Available Pcs: 4
--> Pink Ribbon (SOLD)
--> Red Ribbon (SOLD)
--> Black-Purple Pokka Dot Ribbon (SOLD)
--> Butterfly on face

Price: $19.90

*My Melody*

My Melody Furry Head Cushion (Both SOLD)

Size: 45 x 32 CM

Available Pcs: 2 (Red & Pink)

Price: $19.90



Cinnamoroll Head Cushion

Size: 45 x 32 CM
Available Pcs: 1 (With Blue Heart)

Price: $19.90


*Me to You Tatty Bear*

Me to You Tatty Bear

Size: Height 40CM

Available Pcs: 2 (Red & White Shirts with printed wordings "Someone Loves You")

Price: $39.90

Hurry~~~ Left only the last pair (:

Me to You Tatty Bear (Small)

Size: Height 15 CM

Available Pcs: 4

--> 1 Red (Someone Loves You)

--> 1 Orange (Love You)

--> 2 Bright Green (Happy Birthday) SOLD

Price: $9.90 each


XL Rilakkuma with SCARF & GLOVES

Size : 110 x 66 x 27 CM
Available Pcs : 1 (Hurry~~ Limited CHRISTMAS Collection)

**Meetup only

Small Rila & Kori
Available Pcs: 2 (Brown & White)
Price: $5 each